Release 2.3 of foxe (free XML editor download) adds full portability and CMarkup 10.0 functionality.

  • Portability, see Simple XML editor meets memory stick
  • CMarkup release 10.0 methods, features and fixes
  • New section in Help for hot keys (keyboard shortcuts)
  • New string case functions: StrUpper, StrLower
  • Recent file list in File menu increased from 6 to 10
  • fix: Find Dialog on non-ASCII É and é when match case is off
  • fix: Find Dialog bug dubbed "toupper on UTF-8"
  • fix: FOAL document selection dialog was blank when no pathname
  • fix: FOAL operating on modified documents
  • Those are just what has changed since Beta release 2.2.6. A lot has happened since the last full release 2.2. Here are the 6 interim Beta releases:

  • editor Beta 2.2.6 with installer
  • editor Beta 2.2.5 Far East char performance
  • editor Beta 2.2.4 paste/undo in tree
  • editor Beta 2.2.3 code/config better
  • editor Beta 2.2.2 single instance
  • editor Beta 2.2.1 tree scroll-up fix
  • MFC component improvements

    Advanced CMarkup Developer License

    The complete MFC source code for the firstobject XML editor comes with Advanced CMarkup Developer

    Release 2.3 has many improvements since 2.2 in these source code classes:

  • CDataEdit (Unicode UTF-16 or UTF-8 gigabyte text edit control) draw text caching makes far eastern text rendering much faster, text find/search improvements. See CDataEdit Class
  • CDividerCtrl (Splitter control) greatly simplified with practical single integer position status
  • CFoalProgram (Self-contained pcode compiler, run-time and debugger for C++ syntax based scripting) more string functions and CMarkup 10.0 additions
  • CMarkupTreeCtrl (Virtual tree control navigates any CMarkup document) paste and undo support plus scroll-bar fixes
  • CSingleInstanceManager (Interprocess coordination to support application single instance) new class includes code for passing command line information between instances in XML
  • CSystemSettings (Configuration/INI file replacement for get/set profile settings in UTF-8 XML file) now supports portable software
  • See also:

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