Download Release 11.5 zip (579k)
C++ source code for Linux, Mac, Windows

Notes on Release 11.5   April 23

Create new XML documents, parse and modify existing XML documents from the methods of one simple C++ XML parser class. The zip download contains the CMarkup evaluation C++ source code, a test project and Windows test dialog executable:

CMarkup Test Dialog

Compile XML capability into your own application in minutes. Video screencasts show how you can create a project with the CMarkup XML C++ class: XML VC++ 6.0 or XML VC++ 2008 Express.


C++ XML parser features

  • Tired of big doggy bloated components? CMarkup is a single small C++ class that compiles into your program and maintains only a string for the document and an index array usually amounting to less than the memory size of the string.
  • Worried about a learning curve? Only one C++ class, see the Fast start to XML in C++ and CMarkup's simple methods.
  • Cross-platform without dependencies. No external component is required, the cross-platform C++ source code compiles as-is on numerous compilers including Mac XCode, Linux gcc, Windows Visual C++.
  • Convenient programming with your native string class. use STL string/wstring or MFC CString.
  • Speed? The single-pass parser gets blazing performance on megabytes, with variations depending on build options and encoding conversions, see CMarkup Performance Tests.
  • Special build requirements? Build for UNICODE, MBCS including Far East double-byte, or straight UTF-8.
  • And a bonus class for MSXML: The additonal MSXML Wrapper CMarkupMSXML demonstrate's Microsoft's XML service with easy CMarkup methods (requires Visual Studio and MFC), and get a head start with the C++ COM syntax.
  • The download zip file above contains C++ source code for the CMarkup test dialog project, which tests and demonstrates all of the CMarkup classes and build options. You can also step through these regression tests with the foal program in in the free firstobject XML editor.

    Get your C++ XML done now

    Not much learning is required to get going with your C++ XML tasks once you're using CMarkup. Here is an introduction to doing all of the basic XML operations with CMarkup:

    Fast start to XML in C++

    Comments on CMarkup:

    comment posted Tony Pitman

    uses about 1/3 the ram that our tinyxml usage shows

    comment posted Erich Finkelstein

    I have never touched XML and was able to start loading and manipulating XML documents within an hour

    comment posted David Ching

    the absolute best combination for ease-of-use, embedability, and best supported XML parser out there

    comment posted Patrick McMichael

    removing all that Xerces CRAP overhead, the app ran, no joke, 10 times faster!

    comment posted Jeff Anderson

    the design and ease of use - it's a really different paradigm compared to other XML libraries - kudos to the *thinking* that went into this