void CMarkup::SetElemFlags();

SetElemFlags allows you to set the custom user flags of the main position element. The four bits (0xf000000) are reserved for custom user flags, so only those bits can be set. You can set up to four bit flags with the values:

  • 0x1000000
  • 0x2000000
  • 0x4000000
  • 0x8000000
  • These flags only last as long as the CMarkup object is not "reparsed" with SetDoc or Load, and are not preserved when all or part of the document is output to markup string or file.

    As an example of how this can be used, one of these bit flags is used by the CMarkupTreeCtrl in the firstobject XML Editor to store whether a tree item is expanded. Custom user flags might also be used for locking or flagging elements when a CMarkup object is being used like an in-memory database.

    Although GetElemFlags returns both custom user flags and public flags, SetElemFlags does not allow you to set the "public" flags.