MCD_STR CMarkup::GetChildAttrib( MCD_CSTR szAttrib ) const;

Call GetChildAttrib to get the string value of the attribute named szAttrib in the child position element. If there is no current child position, it returns an empty string. If the child position element has no attribute by the name of sAttribName, it returns an empty string.

This returns the same string passed to the SetChildAttrib method even if Standard Special Characters are encoded in the markup document itself, i.e. GetChildAttrib unescapes the escaped characters.

To know whether the attribute exists, in the developer version you can call HasChildAttrib.

Update November 20, 2010: With release 11.3 CMarkup has document flags to trim whitespace and collapse whitespace which will affect the value returned by GetChildAttrib (see Whitespace and CMarkup).