bool CMarkup::FindPrevChildElem( MCD_CSTR szName = NULL );

CMarkup Developer License

FindPrevChildElem is only in CMarkup Developer and the free XML editor  FOAL C++ scripting.

If there is a main position and no current child position, FindPrevChildElem() locates the last child under the main position and makes it the child position. If there is a child position, it moves to the child position before it. If there is no child element or no previous child element, it returns false and leaves the child position where it was. The FindPrevChildElem() method does not affect the main position.

The FindPrevChildElem method has an optional argument which allows you to specify a tag name. Calling FindPrevChildElem("ITEM") will look for a previous sibling ITEM element starting at the element before the current child position and scanning previous siblings. If no matching previous element is found, the position is left as it was before the call to FindPrevChildElem.

See also ResetChildPos.