Release 11.5 Date: April 23, 2011, download

Fixes for whitespace trimming/collapsing, and file read mode, as well as some changes in compiler #ifdef handling for WIN32.



Using CMarkup with QT on Windows is easier now; you shouldn't have to do any tweaking of CMarkup to add it to your QT project. The changes involved special cases for GNUC when it is used on Windows. Either the WIN32 (Windows.h) or _WIN32 (Visual Studio) precompiler defines will let CMarkup know it is compiling for Windows.

In 11.3 and 11.4, MDF_TRIMWHITESPACE and MDF_COLLAPSEWHITESPACE would remove an escaped char at the end of the trimmed data (see 11.3 Bug: trim whitespace removes escaped value).

On Linux and OS X, lines generated by CMarkup will now end with a newline by default instead of a Windows style CRLF (carriage return line feed), and the end-of-line setting can now be directed with preprocessor definitions. If you are on a non-Windows platform and want your CRLFs back, now you must add MARKUP_EOL_CRLF to your preprocessor definitions.

End Of Line Defines
MARKUP_EOL_CRLF MCD_T("\r\n") Aka 0d 0a, this is the default for Windows builds
MARKUP_EOL_NEWLINE MCD_T("\n") Aka 0a, this is now the default for non-Windows builds
MARKUP_EOL_RETURN MCD_T("\r") Aka 0d, this is rarely used
MARKUP_EOL_NONE MCD_T("") For minimal size, documents will be on one line, but GetDocFormatted will not produce desired results

CMarkup Developer License

The file read mode bug fix only affects CMarkup Developer and the free XML editor  FOAL C++ scripting

The file read mode bug occurred with elements over 32k long that did not have child elements. This problem was only in file read mode where the Open method is used with MDF_READFILE. See File read GetSubDoc incomplete.

See also previous CMarkup release notes: 11.4, 11.3, 11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10.1, 10.0, Archived CMarkup Release Notes